“Compete with calculator and overcome maths fear”

The Abacus methodology being followed today is an ancient Chinese tool of performing calculations at “lightening speed”. Though it is more than 2000 years old method it is still being utilized in daily life by shopkeepers in China and Japan. It is now accepted & practiced in several countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore & India as a special co-curricular activity that helps to improve not only maths but also overall personality of the student.

Wondering why so old “art” of calculation continues to be of significance even in today’s modern world?

Let us begin with understanding of some facts about human brain. Human brain is one of the largest brains amongst all animals in this world. When mammals like deer or cow gives birth to young one they stand on their feet on the same day and on the next day they are ready to run around. The volume of brain being few hundred mL they are born with about half the adult brain and therefore, their nervous system is already read to balance their body during walking and running. Average human is more than 1 L. A human baby is born with only 1/4th of the adult brain, which mothers know how painful the process is. The baby requires more than 8 months for standing on its feet. The development of brain is very fast for next few years during which the grasping power is huge.

Abacus provides the tool of introducing maths in early ages in very simple manner. Learning alphabets is very easy because every alphabet can be correlated with some real life example that can be seen by the child. Abacus instrument has the beads that provide similar correlation. ICES has further made this learning more close to the types of number systems being taught in schools, namely Indian (Arabic) system and international system. Thus it is a boon for children, to learn maths in way that is enjoyable and also at the same time improves the brain functions. How the brain functions can be further understood from the facts detailed below.

Our brain has two hemispheres left & right. Usually, the left side of the brain is used by 95% human being. They fail to use the right hemisphere of the brain which is the origin of intelligence.

Science has proved that continuous use of abacus assists in developing the unused right-side of human brain. Think about how much your child can achieve if he/she starts to utilize more than what he/she is now utilizing.

Left Hemisphere

  • Logical
  • Linear
  • Language
  • Analytical
  • Scientific skills
  • Reasoning
  • Short-term memorization

Right Hemisphere

  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Integrating information
  • Thinking
  • Dimensions
  • Pictures & symbols
  • Imagination
  • Long-term memorization

The more you use your organs/parts of the body the more it responds, which there by becomes more efficient and this fact applies to our brain also. It is reported in scientific literature that on an average we use not more than 10% of our brain capacity. Abacus is the best means of exercise for our brains. By using the abacus as a tool, the brainpower is harnessed. Also there is an overall brain development focusing on both left & right hemisphere of the brain simultaneously.

Today, we live in an era of computers. However, it is for this reason that abacus education becomes more necessary. The abacus program meets the needs of today’s academic structure of the child. By using the abacus method regularly, basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division can be performed at extremely fast speed, even competing with calculators and computers. With constant and daily practice of the mental abacus method, the interaction between the left & the right hemisphere of the brain causes instant stimulation that greatly benefits the brain and systematically trains the brain. The brain development so achieved also helps in maintaining good health, enable higher achievements in sport, energy & spiritual, motive stamina.

Research on brain science has shown over a period of time that the brain development is possible up to the age 14-15 yrs. At the age 16-20 years the brain matures & gives it a definite shape & pattern. And after age 21 the brain slowly stops developing & starts performing by utilizing what ever is learnt in the development stage for the rest of the life span. It has also been proved that whole brain development is possible from the age 3 to 15 yrs.

During the abacus course they undergo lot of brain development exercises & activities, which enhances their mental abilities massively. A class of 2 hours duration involves about 45 to 50 minutes of different types of activities which are focused on the overall brain exercise of students’ brain.

Abacus method of calculation is considered to be one of the fastest way of calculations. The course is designed in such a way that children enjoy it a lot.

There are very significant advantages of using Abacus as mentioned below.

Photographic Memory

  • Human being has a gift of strong photographic memory. ICES Abacus helps in not only utilizing but further enhancing the photographic memory. It has been proved beyond doubt that the learning based on pictures & images helps child to perform rapid mental calculations and memorizing not only mathematical concepts but also other academic subjects. It helps in better visualization & memorization.


  • Abacus course designed by ICES helps in better concentration as it involves interaction of both left & right hemisphere of brain. It enhances the attentiveness in a child help and help him/her to concentrate better.


  • Every page of calculations or the activity given is time bounded, where speed & time utilized is checked, which results a child to calculate faster than calculator.


  • Constant practice & proper use of Abacus techniques helps a child to be accurate & perfect in every calculation and work assigned. )

Listening Skill

  • Special Abacus activities are taken to improve listening skill of a child, which helps the child to be a better listener & make fewer mistakes during dictations.


  • Abacus method aims at Right hemisphere of the brain development which leads to better creativity, emerge with new ideas, new things and new ways, solutions or alternatives in the children.


  • The use Abacus method and its related activities helps the child to enhance their understanding & grasping power.

Imagination & visualization

  • Due to improved photo graphic memory, it helps the child to imagine & visualize the abacus after certain period of time & they are taught to calculate or work with an imaginary Abacus. The constant practice of this activity helps the child sharpen his/her imagination & visualization skill.

Self Confidence

  • With all the enhanced skills the child certainly feels better & more confident about him/her self and can confidently complete any task assigned.

Self Reliance

  • The child does not have to depend on any individual or gadget/device and are free from relying on calculators, computers etc to perform any such calculations. Thus, helps the child to become self-reliant.


  • Every level the child would be provided with the certificates of a level
  • After completion of the basic graduation, the child would be provided with basic graduation certificate
  • After completion of the grand & advance level, they would be certified for the same.
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