Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths

“Compete with calculator and overcome maths fear”

Today choose any field and you will notice that your child has to appear for entrance exams which are not subjective like school exams but objective and the time limit for attempting the question is very limited.

My child is good in studies, why should he attend Vedic Maths Class? My child’s maths is best he scores 75 out of 80, why should I invest in Vedic Maths Class?

Student is good in maths then it is very good, then why not score 79 or 80 out of 80? He is good in studies of school which is subjective exam, but is he ready to face competitive exams where he has to do calculations within a minute or 2 minutes without making silly mistakes? If the answer is no then there lies the significance of undertaking vedic maths course.

The student learns to make calculations 10 times faster than their existing speed and at the same time overcomes the silly mistakes. The student with daily practice and the one who follows all the tips and tricks given during the class can perform several calculations even faster than calculator. This is very useful when the student appears for IIT-JEE Engineering entrance exam, CET Medical entrance exam, Olympiad, NSTSE, NTSE/MTSE, KVYP, NDA entrance exam, Scholarship, Military School or Jawahar or Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance exams, and other competitive exams. The faster speed of calculation saves lot of time.

It is, therefore, sure that the student will be able to score more marks in not only mathematics but also in physics, chemistry and mental ability, gain confidence and will not be scared about solving problems. Student also learns very accurate and rapid methods of checking whether their calculations are correct or not.

  • Age Criteria : 11 yrs & above
  • Number of levels : 04
  • Course Duration : 12 months for 4 levels (Weekly once)
    08 months for 4 levels (Weekly twice)

Topics Covered

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Divisibility test for any number, reciprocal, Division, Squares, Cubes, Square Root, Cubes Root, HCF, LCM, Fractions, percentage, ratio and proportion, Simple and Compound interest, factorization of algebraic expressions (quadratic, cubic as well as polynomials, Solving simultaneous equations).


  • At the end of every level an exam will be conducted at coaching centre and the corrected papers will be forwarded to Head Office for rechecking. The minimum passing marks is 70%. All children on successful completion of the level will receive Certificate with grades mentioned in it from ICES, Pune. At the end of the course a certificate will be issued mentioning overall grade.
Sample Calculations: 


÷ 89
÷ 18869
+ 3895
  - 4988

Reciprocals and values of fractions

  • 277/7 = 39.571428
  • p ˜ 22/7 = 3.142857
  • One step calculations.
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